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The Refinery - TrinityThe Refinery - Trinity

The Refinery - Trinity

A reinterpretation or remake of Doom's original E2M3, heavily inspired by KDiZD. The whole map has been enlarged, restructured, new areas have been added, old ones enhanced and the whole thing has been turned into something more real and creepy. Expect something totally different in a place that you already know to a very good extend. By the way, playing it three times in a row reveals a surprise.

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Stronghold - On the Edge of ChaosStronghold - On the Edge of Chaos

Stronghold - On the Edge of Chaos

CacowardYou know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault mode and Skulltag's Invasion mode. Defend your Stronghold against hundreds of monsters, divided into several waves. Earn points, get rewards between waves and let no single enemy pass!

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Knee-Deep in ZDoom [KDiZD]Knee-Deep in ZDoom [KDiZD]

Knee-Deep in ZDoom [KDiZD]

CacowardThe experience of playing through Knee-Deep in the Dead is one that many gamers will never forget, but through the years the episode has become too easy for  many to play through and enjoy the way they did the first time. Knee-Deep in ZDoom is an interpretation of Id Software's original groundbreaking production, Knee-Deep in the Dead.

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The City Of The Damned - ApocalypseThe City Of The Damned - Apocalypse

The City Of The Damned - Apocalypse

You found the original City of the Damned scary and cool? Then you should really get its successor with the promising subtitle Apocalypse. Expect a complete new Doom experience that isn't so Doom anymore. Kill zombies, solve puzzles and get yourself through the City of the Damned again... alive!

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The Ultimate Torment & TortureThe Ultimate Torment & Torture

The Ultimate Torment & Torture

CacowardThis is a complete compilation of all the Torment & Torture maps ever made including the all new Episode 4 "Havoc". But don't worry, it's not just a merged wad, it's by far more like that ...and I am sure you won't miss that, will you? Get the full "Torment & Torture" experience now, don't waste any more time with reading this!

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Ultimate Torment & Torture - InvasionUltimate Torment & Torture - Invasion

Ultimate Torment & Torture - Invasion

This is a 5-MAP project for Skulltag's multiplayer Invasion mode based in the world of "Torment & Torture" and is meant to be a little cake before the main mod "The Ultimate Torment & Torture" is released. If you liked the gorgeous battles in my previous maps, you will love this little invasion mapset!

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Austerity - A Simplicity TributeAusterity - A Simplicity Tribute

Austerity - A Simplicity Tribute

A little project I started out of a spontaneous mood, a tribute to Agent Spork's awesome masterpiece Simplicity, Austerity is inspired by its design and kind of gameplay. Expect a total of 3 intense and thematic different and unique maps with a lot of traps, monster ambushs and arcade gameplay.

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Sapphire - Orbital ResearchSapphire - Orbital Research

Sapphire - Orbital Research

This is a medium sized map based on a space station, a research facility for engines powered by simulated black holes, maintained by the Sapphire Corps. To achieve a believable atmosphere it uses some of the latest advantages of GZDoom such as real skyboxes (Halflife and Q3 style) and true color stuffage.

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Blade of AgonyBlade of Agony

Blade of Agony

CacowardBlade of Agony is a story-driven FPS. The project is inspired by WWII shooters from the 90's and early 2000's, like Wolfenstein 3D, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, but with faster-paced gameplay in the spirit of Doom! The game can be played standalone using the GZDoom engine as a base.

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Torment & Torture Lost EpisodeTorment & Torture Lost Episode

Torment & Torture Lost Episode

Yet another map in the universe of "Torment & Torture", yet again more classic like TNT1/2 with lots of brown, lots of monsters and lots of quakish places. This installment of the TNT series is based in a large cave filled with lava and little isles, but that's not all. Expect lots of nice surprises and things you won't never ever count with! This one is hard!

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The City Of The DamnedThe City Of The Damned

The City Of The Damned

This was never meant to be a whole new map when I started to test my Blood-Resources and CodeImps DoomBuilder but... well, it's the Doom Addiction. What you see here is a mid-sized map in a small downtown area, filled with Blood textures and sights. It's pretty hard but doable if you use certain paths through the map. Play it and you will like it!

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Torment & Torture Episode 3Torment & Torture Episode 3

Torment & Torture Episode 3

The third installment of the "Torment & Torture" series and officially this was the last when I created it, entitled the "Fortress of Damnation". Cold plain fields and seas of lava are waiting for you and somewhere beyond the last dark portal that still spawns hundreds of deimons running down your homeworld. This episode is filled with surprises, new enemies, new weapons and many more stuff, so just play it!

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Torment & Torture Episode 2Torment & Torture Episode 2

Torment & Torture Episode 2

After almost one year and Torment & Torture's success at the "Wad in a week" contest at NewDoom.com, the saga continues with the next episode with the promising title "Armory of Pain", an evil installment built by the "Ogros Corps.", an abandoned steel-processing and mining site. Put off your armory because this is going to be hot!

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Torment & Torture Episode 1Torment & Torture Episode 1

Torment & Torture Episode 1

My entry to NewDoom.com's "Wad in a Week" contest and at the same the contest's winner - thanks for choosing me!. It's a mid-size quake style level with countless ZDoom features, dark crypts and libraries, lots of action and the introduction to the whole TNT series. Not as good as its successors but still a piece of art you have to play!

Details & Download

Currently in development

Demonic UprisingDemonic Uprising

Demonic Uprising

Demonic Uprising is a community megawad filled with maps from different authors in the world of Heretic. It confronts the player with the story and situation after the defeat ot D'Sparil. It's filled with new resources, many of them never seen before in a project yet.



ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 2ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 2

ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 2

ZDCMP2As the successor to the ZDCMP1, the second take follows the same rules: Various mappers and modders are working on fixed dates/slots on the map and continueing where the prior person has stopped. Expect a high quality-Doom experience with countless surprises and numerous things that push ZDoom to its limits.

Details & Download

ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoomZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom

ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom

A ZDoom community effort featuring four complete episodes with random maps of people from the - well - ZDoom community. I was organizing and spearheading this project and did myself 6 map contributions, some graphical "donations" and 2 new monsters which can also be found in the Beastiary.

Details & Download

Community Chest 3 ContributionCommunity Chest 3 Contribution

Community Chest 3 Contribution

CacowardThe Community Chest, a Boom compatible megaward for the third time now, finally with a Tormentor667 contribution although it was quite hard for me as a ZDoom mapper to stick with the limited features of Boom. Nevertheless, I think my entry became enjoyable. It features new music, a new sky (MBF, ZDoom and compatible) and I also donated some graphics such as the TITLEPIC.

Details & Download

ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 1ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 1

ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 1

CacowardOne day I had this crazy idea of creating one huge map together with my ZDoom community over at forum.zdoom.org, each person had one day and after this, the map was passed on the next participant. After one and a half month, the project was finished and you can play the result right now :) Have fun! Important: This is the "Overhaul" edition with bugfixes and DECORATE fixes!

Details & Download


Back To HellBack To Hell

Back To Hell

This was the second big project I worked on in my life and the first time I was playing around with sourceports (Doom Legacy 1.2 in this case as far as I can recall correctly), unfortunately some of it was lost due to a hardware crash but... well, judge for yourself!

Shame & Download

XMas DeathmatchXMas Deathmatch

XMas Deathmatch

The first project ever released by Tormentor667. It's actually a christmas-themed deathmatch set with new sprites. weapons, textures and a nice looping and neverending holiday midi tune. The quality is - surprisingly - on a very low niveau, but the piece will get you in a comfortable christmas mood, just try it. It's here for history-purposes though, don't expect to much.

Shame & Download

After NightfallsAfter Nightfalls

After Nightfalls

This was the first big Doom project I was working on in the summer of 1999 together with a former friend of mine known as "Acidflash31". I still can remember when we sat in front of his machine together on summer evenings after the pool has closed and working together on the maps... [/sentimentality-mode:off]

Shame & Download


Pogostick - Doom PlatformerPogostick - Doom Platformer

Pogostick - Doom Platformer

Ever wondered what Doom could look like if it was a platform style game just like Commander Keen? Well, here you can experience how this could be! Pogostick is a 2D sidescrolling platformer modification for ZDoom/GZDoom with great features for mappers like "Score System", "Bonus System", "Corner Camera Movement", "Zoom Possibility" and many more!

Details & n/Download

Perforated Entrails - RenaissancePerforated Entrails - Renaissance

Perforated Entrails - Renaissance

Perforated Entrails - Renaissance was a project with great ambitions and fresh ideas based on the community's most famous multiplayer sourceport predecessor "Skulltag". The light version never really lived up the way it was intended to be and that was the reason for reviving this project from the dead. Unfortunately my lack of motivation for multiplayer deathmatch ended the second try faster than the first.

Details & n/Download

The City of the Damned 3The City of the Damned 3

The City of the Damned 3

The City of the Damned 3 is the final part of a trilogy heavily inspired by action-survival horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Relieve the zombie apocalypse that haunted a mid-us metropole and turned the population into brainless killers. Intense atmosphere and a thrilling plot await.

Details & n/Download

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