Industrial / Tech

This category displays any kinds of ambient sounds that sound technical or mechanical, like computer panels, force fields, engines or other kinds of machines.

Computer Machines

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Name: Computer Beeps
Format: FLAC
Variants: 4
Random: No
Delay: N/A
Looping: Continuous
Surround: Point


Submitted: BouncyTEM
Sounds: Series 8000 Sound Effect Library
Sound Edit: BouncyTEM
Source: Series 8000 Sound Effect Library
Idea Base: N/A


This is a set of sounds for big computer systems and consoles and other things like that. Two of them are machines busy processing things, one of them is the console malfunctioning, and one of them is the machine idling and doing nothing.
default Computer Machines  (4.5 MB)
Updated Feb 9th, 2016

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