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Stronghold Editing Reference

doom.pngYes, it took a bit longer than expected, but it's finally here, the Stronghold Editing Reference. It should provide you with everything that's necessary to create your very own Stronghold maps. Every gamemode is described, as well as setting up waves, spawnzones, ammo quota and all the other nifty stuff that comes with Stronghold. This reference provides only info on how to create the maps, as everything else - in terms of intermission and stuff - is general ZDoom knowledge and as we all know, there is a place called ZDoom Wiki Zwinkernd Other than that, I hope you like it and I hope it helps you to create your own Stronghold maps. If you encounter problems or if you need further info though, just let me know, as it is quite possible that I might have missed something.
archive archive Stronghold Editing Reference (738 KB)
The download link can also be found on the project page here on the Realm667 btw, just in case you are looking for it in about 2 years when this news item is gone.
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