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Yet Again... "Doom"?

doomA lot of time has passed since my last update here. I was mainly busy with my messageboard community "Sunset-Lounge v2" ( at www.sunset-lounge.net ) because I had to develope the concept and the design. Almost every work there is done and so I have now again time for my private work :)

In the last 2 months, I worked also a bit on my own RPG and I was quite succesfull. I thought up a story for the main plot and created sprites for the main heroes and characters. Unfortunately I'm very bad in creating emotions for my facesets, so I tried to find someone who can do this for me. A certain rpg2000.de community member has done for my these faces but one (a hawk-human hybrid hero). As soon as I have this last one, I will start with the construction of the worlds and maps :)

Being realistic, I know that this will take much more time as I supposed. Thats why I got back again to my "hellspawnish roots" (again while I was testing the latest newstuff maps and browsing through Doomworld's forums :) In the next 2 weeks (my last 2 weeks of summer vacation *:'(*) I will continue on Map03 of Netherworld (thx goes to the WinZETH team :)) so stay tuned :)
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