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doomNot much news for today, my dLan Adapter is broken and I have no Internet at home right now what really starts to annoy me after I finally got a new GFX card. Nevertheless, I have limited access at my working place so I actually can check news from all around the Doom Community if necessary.

Beyond, now hat my pc and DoomBuilder work again, I am lately in an editing mood so I started to continue on The Ultimate Torment & Torture MAP01 of TNT3 again because it's the only project of which I am not dependend on other teammates progress as it iswith KDiZD (unfortunately). But progress goes well, although the first map of "Damnation's Keep" is a real performance problem with DB due to it's size. Screenshots for this and as well for Netherworld soon in the projects area ;) Oh, and check the Doom Wad Station and my "Articles > Interviews" section for the latest part of the little interview with Bob Larkin!
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