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About Creativity Holes and Illness

miscSomething prementioned: My references have been updated with a completely new page, others will follow soon. Now the important stuff: I am fucking ill for 4 days now and I am really pissed because this makes me unable to do something useful. By the way, the problem seems to be the fact, that I have problems to create new, interesting and amazing rooms for my DooM map TNT3 and instead of creating bullshit, I stop the construction for a while to collect new ideas. Meanwhile, I will have to finish two other webjobs and this will also take 2-3 weeks. In regard of the deathmatch project, I announced weeks ago, I have also a bad vision. Vasago didn't contact me for weeks now and I think, the small little Doom Spark hasn't had enough food to become a big flame but we will see. Finally, the only productiv thing: Perhaps I will work a few moments on my Starwars RPG because I got a lot of new ideas about it since the last few illness days (funny, isn't it?!). Well, we'll see...
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