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SLADE 3.0.2 released

##### SLADE 3.0.2 released

A quick changelog since 3.0.1 includes:

  • Many improvements to the texture editor:
  • Extended ZDoom TEXTURES support
  • Textures can be copied and pasted, including between different archives, patches and all
  • Added shortcut keys and context menu for the texture list
  • Added 'Texture' menu when a texture editor is open
  • New 'Graphic' menu for gfx entries, with some basic gfx editing functions such as flip/mirror, rotate, colourise and colour translation
  • Typing the first few characters of an item to jump to it in lists has been re-implemented
  • Added the ability to open entries in separate tabs
  • Dumped Audiere as the sound/midi library in windows, and swapped to SFML-audio. Upsides are much better/faster audio support and audio support in linux (and mac). Downsides are no mp3 or module format support (though I'll look into adding these back at a later date)
  • Fluidsynth is now used to preview MIDI in both windows and linux
  • Palettes can now be exported in various formats: raw, png image, csv and jasc palette
  • Many other bugfixes and small improvements

It can be downloaded from its homepage.

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