Riot Nerve Gas Launcher

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Name: Riot Nerve Gas Launcher
Class: 5
Type: Projectile and AoE
Palette: Doom
Summon: GasGun
Ammo Type: GasBombs (custom)
Altfire: No
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: Deathknight
Decorate: Deathknight, MagicWazard, idGamer
Sounds: 3D Realms, Raven Software, ID Games
Sprites: 3D Realms, Raven Software, ID Games, Deathknight
Sprite Edit: Deathknight
Idea Base: Shadow warrior Gas Grenade, and the idea of a half damage/half suppression weapon.


This was a Riot Gun loaded with tear gas that was used before the invasion to suppress severe civil unrest. Yet once the hordes of hell were unleashed unto earth, many of these guns were outfitted to fire deadly grenades containing the chemical mixtures to form Sarin. Can kill with both direct impact from the grenade and the deadly nerve gas which it produces. Does not work underwater.
archive Riot Nerve Gas Launcher  (87.7 KB)

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