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Amazing - high resolution sprites!

##### Amazing - high resolution sprites!
Well, not really. I've just seen another thread on ZDoom.org trying to redo Doom sprites and turning them into 2x or 4x high resolution graphics. Actually this way I don't want to advertise for this project but finally have a public chance to talk people out of this kind of stuff. Please stop doing high resolution sprites! ... now people might ask "What's wrong with him now?" Actually there are three good reasons for this: 1st 99% of all remade sprites look like crap, 2nd the 1% that looks good takes ages and will be finished some time around 2103 and 3rd as long as all re-spriters do not have the same approach and style, it will never look good when thrown together. So please people, spend your time on something else and stop doing this nonsense...