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On the Edge of Chaos

"Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos" revolutionizes the classic Doom gameplay. Instead of the usual mission to infiltrate and eliminate, this mod blends Unreal Tournament's Assault mode with Skulltag's Invasion mode. Players must defend their stronghold against waves of hundreds of monsters. Earn points, receive rewards between waves, and ensure no enemy breaches your defenses. With its unique blend of strategic defense and intense action, "Stronghold" offers a fresh and exhilarating experience for all Doom enthusiasts. Dive in and face the chaos!


  • 35 new maps all from scratch (+4 secret maps)
  • 18 powerful weapons (some totally new ones)
  • 20 different powerups to play with
  • 30 additional new monsters (some totally new ones)
  • 5 different gamemodes (e.g. Deadline, Core, ...)
  • 1 complete new HUD (add. info on screen)
  • unique voice acting & announcers
  • full soundtrack with exclusive songs by Lexus Alyus
  • 32bit skyboxes, fog, lights and environment
  • dynamic lights for actors and in maps
  • cinematic sequences for gamemodes and endings
  • special effects, atmospheric and beautifl
  • full multiplayer for Skulltag, up to 8 players
  • bounty, earn credits for killed demons
  • dynamic skill for all skill settings and player counts
  • hub system with several tiers to battle through
  • shop system with countless items to buy
Game Doom 2
Port GZDoom 1.6+
Maps 35+
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 1.0

Cacoward Winner 2010

Now, when I judge a wad I never take into account who made it. So when this came out I ignored all the hype and the bias etc. and got straight on with playing the wad, which is essentially a cross between Skulltag's Invasion and UT's Assault. There are 40 maps set on various moons/planets where the aim is to prevent waves of monsters (including many new types) from reaching or destroying some kind of target.

StrongholdEverything has that highly-polished look, from the cinematic and setting to the hi-res skies and atmospheric effects to the impressive detail in the maps, which also avoids impeding players and monsters alike. The best thing I found though was the gameplay - in particular the new weapons and inventory items that really enhance your options and develop strategies to keep those pesky monsters away. I couldn't really find much to criticize...some of the layouts seemed a bit plain, the lack of exploration for the most part and the wad's repetitive nature (but what megawad isn't repetitive, really).

It's not for everyone, but it's fun, frantic, challenging at times, and it comes with multiplayer support too. Say what you will, but it deserves this award for bringing something different along as well as being an all-around quality project.  -Ultimate Doomer

There is some contention as to the actual duration it took to complete Stronghold. The project was put on hold, work stopped for several years, then it continued and everything was finally finished in 2010. Whether it took 4 years or 7 years to complete, Tormentor spent a long fucking time messing around with this wad. I remember thread posts about Stronghold while I was working on Action Doom 2, so this certainly took a long time to finish. While there is certainly a lot of material in this project... it probably didn't need to take as long as it did. Granted, the four years it took to create this wasn't as long as some projects... but good lord, Tormentor was talking about this project for a long damn time. At least it is finished... Mordeth, are you listening to this? Lüt?  -Scuba Steve

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