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The Refinery: Trinity

Relieve the Deimos horror

"The Refinery: Trinity" is a reinterpretation and remake of Doom's classic E2M3, drawing heavy inspiration from KDiZD. This project reimagines the original map by enlarging and restructuring its layout, adding new areas, and enhancing existing ones to create a more immersive and eerie atmosphere.

As you step into "The Refinery: Trinity," you'll find familiar surroundings transformed into something entirely new and unsettling. The map's expansion and the addition of new elements provide a fresh experience while maintaining the essence of the original E2M3. The enhanced design focuses on creating a realistic and creepy environment, pushing the boundaries of what Doom maps can offer.

The attention to detail in this remake ensures that both veterans and newcomers will find something to enjoy. The reimagined areas and the addition of unexpected surprises keep the gameplay engaging and challenging. In fact, playing the map multiple times reveals hidden surprises, adding an extra layer of replayability and intrigue.

Prepare to revisit the eerie corridors and dark corners of "The Refinery" like never before. With its expanded layout, new challenges, and atmospheric enhancements, "The Refinery: Trinity" offers a thrilling and fresh take on a beloved classic. Dive into this reimagined nightmare and discover what lurks within the shadows of a place you thought you knew.

Game Doom 2
Port GZDoom 4.8.2+
Maps 1
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 2.0

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