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LEt's talk about Doom

Doom's success isn't just due to its innovative engine and gameplay; it's also the dedicated community that has helped it thrive through the years, outlasting titles like Quake, Unreal Tournament, and even its own successor, Doom III. Ideas continue to flow, and the flourishing community grows stronger every day. But who are the people behind these countless maps, mods, and resources? It's time to uncover the stories and passions of the creators who keep Doom alive.

Doomster Unveild by Rex

Inside the BossBrain (from Rex's Nexus)
Spotlight on Daniel 'Tormentor667' Gimmer: May 14, 2012

He's Teutonic. He's daemonic. He's occasionally manic. I speak, of course, of the German Sherman who sometimes goes by the moniker Tormentor667. [Why "Sherman", you ask, gentle reader? Well, if memory serves me right, William Tecumseh Sherman had a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. Sound familiar? Heh.] Anyhoo, Herr Gimmer has been an active member of the DooM Community for many years, producing ambitious projects such as TUT&T, KDiZD, and Stronghold, and helming Realm667, a repository for custom enemies, weapons, etc. With a boundless enthusiasm, he embarks on new ventures to promote DooM throughout the known Universe. But enough of my prattling; here's Dan the Man with the Plan:

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Mapper of the Year 2008

vaderIf you think about "Knee-Deep in ZDoom", Vader is one of the first things that come to your mind. He has won the "Mapper of the Year 2008" title in the last "Annual Cacowards" and that was definitely for a reason. Vader is the proof of concept, that Doom is capable to produce maps that can easily compete with architectural detail found in newer generations of games and that it is actually possible to create totally new Doom monsters that fit seemingless into the world of Doom, someone might think they were drawn by id software's very own but just forgotten to be implemented in Doom 2. Currently he is one of my comerades in the ongoing development phase of "The Shores of ZDoom" and "Stronghold" but I also consider him as a good friend of mine.... yes, we german's always stick together, sometimes against the rest of the world. I took the opportunity today and got myself some answers that I thought might be interesting for you as well. If you agree, just read on and get your cookies.

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TDA? Who is TDA?

thedarkarchonIf you're an active part of the ZDoom community you won't dare asking this question. In most cases - and if I do not accidentally mistype the acronym - TDA stands for TheDarkArchon, one of the most well-known members around. Although you can count his personal releases on one hand, you can't imagine countless projects without his assistance and technical support. He is one of the most frequent posters in the forums, his advices are highly appreciated and in the past few years he earned some good reputation among us fellow Doomers. TDA stands for TheDecorateAssistent TheDarkArchon and now it's time to reveal some more details about this guy!

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Dr. Wily's sharp-edged robot

cutmanmikeWhen thinking of heartattacks, the first thing that comes to my mind is The Ghoul's Forest. It is one of the most well-known horror approaches that has ever been made for Doom, and it is definitely doing good as several Youtube videos and countless spinoffs already proof. So, who is the man behind this and other ambitious projects like Impings, ZPortal and the classic Platformers he started with? You'll be much brighter after reading this interview, that's for sure.

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Mapping Interview with Sigvatr

Sigvatr: Tell us a little bit about your history with Doom. What were your initial experiences with the game and what sort of involvement have you had with it aside from playing it?

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Doom Wad Station Interview with Bob Larkin

Recently, I had an opportunity to fire off some questions to Tormentor667 (aka Daniel Gimmer). If you’re NOT familiar with Tormentor’s work then you should make yourself familiar. In my opinion, Tormentor is one of the premiere map makers in the Doom community today and has been for several years. The most amazing thing about this, of course, is that he is only 21 years of age as of the time of this writing. To familiarize yourself with his work, you may want to take a few minutes of your valuable time and surf on over to his website @ www.tormentor667.de

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Knee-Deep in ZDoom Interview with Sir Alien

The Devil Is In Detail




An Interview with Tormentor667


Arguably the most anticipated project in the Doom Community at the moment is “Knee Deep in Zdoom,” a recreation of Doom’s Episode 1 using Zdoom’s advanced features, and at the helm is Daniel “Tormentor667” Gimmer.  “Torm” took the time to sit down with me and discuss the upcoming project, the stigma surrounding it and his love of clumsy acronyms.  Oh, and he very kindly provided me with some exclusive shots from KDiZD's E1M1!!

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