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ZDoom Community Map Project: Take 1

The "ZDoom Community Map Project 1" began as a crazy idea: to create a massive map collaboratively with the ZDoom community at forum.zdoom.org. Each participant had one day to contribute to the map before passing it on to the next person. This unique approach fostered a dynamic and unpredictable development process, resulting in a map that showcases the diverse talents and creative styles of the community.

Over the course of one and a half months, each contributor added their own touch, blending various design elements and gameplay mechanics into a cohesive and engaging experience. The result is a sprawling map filled with surprises, challenges, and unique encounters, reflecting the collaborative spirit and creativity of the ZDoom community.

This release is the "Overhaul" edition, which includes crucial bug fixes and DECORATE adjustments, ensuring a smoother and more polished gameplay experience. The project demonstrates the power of community collaboration, where each individual's creativity contributes to a larger, more complex whole.

Dive into the "ZDoom Community Map Project 1" and explore the rich tapestry of ideas woven together by the dedicated members of forum.zdoom.org. Whether you're a seasoned Doom player or new to the community, this map offers a unique and entertaining adventure that highlights the ingenuity and passion of the ZDoom community. Enjoy the journey and have fun!

Game Doom
Port ZDoom 1.6+
Maps 1
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 3.1

Cacoward Winner 2007

Collaboration efforts are all the rage this year. From obscure, experimental projects like Exquisite Corpse and the popular Community Chest, we've seen a wide variety of maps from the community. Now it was high time the ZDoom community showed what a subsection of the Doom community could do. And show us they did.

The ZDoom Community Map project is a massive project and must have been quite an undertaking. The amount of sectors and level space that one used to divide into an episode has been crammed into a single level and takes full advantage of what ZDoom has to offer. Pulling out all obstacles once holding Doom back, the ZDoom community employed every feature ZDoom has added to good effect. Deep water swimming, massive explosions, slopes galore, and dozens of new hideous monsters from the Monster Resource Pack litter the massive level. I use the word massive without fear of overstatement; this level will take upwards of a couple hours to complete and fully absorb the richness it has.  -Scuba Steve

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Did you know that the first second Take was a failure?

After the success of the ZDCMP1, there was a large interest in making a second part. As it is often with successors, they are worst than their original encounter and so was our first take on our second take. 

Fortunately, we took another approach years later, with a better plan and concept and with so many new ZDoom features that we could incorporate. The rest is history. Or an unfinished download.