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Add new content to the repository

This is going to be a step-by-step tutorial concerning the technique of adding new material to the repositories. It explains what needs to be done from the beginning to the end to make a new submission appear on the frontpage in the right category. All you need is a graphic program like GIMP or Photoshop and little knowledge when it comes to HTML and webpages - not too difficult, so don't worry or get scared away, it's as easy as typing a new thread in the forum.


Well, below you can find the guidance for adding an article, but who decides which submission is worth being added? This is exactly the freedom you have. Check the code, check the data, check the art - and then it's time to make a decision. Often it is not necessary to make that on your own as you can get in contact with other team members or even the authors themselves to suggest improvements or ask for a second or third opinion. The only thing that's important to look for, is if the submission is complete (gldefs, sounds, credits) and working (no bugs, no errors, no console-hints). From then on, it's up to you what's worth being added.