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After Nightfalls

The late 90s

"After Nightfalls" marks the beginning of my journey into Doom modding, initiated in the summer of 1999 alongside a former friend known as "Acidflash31." This project holds a special place in my heart as it represents my first major foray into the world of Doom map creation.

I vividly recall the summer evenings spent collaborating on maps, sitting together in front of his machine after a day at the pool. Those sessions were filled with creativity, excitement, and the shared passion for crafting immersive Doom experiences.

Though the project remains unreleased, "After Nightfalls" is a testament to our early dedication and enthusiasm. The maps we created together laid the foundation for my future work in the Doom community. This project serves as a nostalgic reminder of where it all began, capturing the essence of our early efforts and the joy of collaborative creation.

Game Doom 2
Port Vanilla
Maps 3
Type Single Player
Status 20%
Version none

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