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Community Chest 3


"Community Chest 3" marks the third installment of the beloved Boom-compatible megawad series, bringing together the creativity and talent of the Doom community. This edition proudly features a contribution from Tormentor667, known for pushing the boundaries of Doom modding with ZDoom. Despite the challenge of adhering to Boom's limited features, this entry stands out as an enjoyable addition to the project.

Tormentor667's contribution to "Community Chest 3" includes new music and a striking new sky texture compatible with MBF, ZDoom, and other compatible engines. Additionally, some custom graphics were donated, including the TITLEPIC, adding a unique touch to the overall aesthetic of the megawad.

"Community Chest 3" is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Doom community, blending diverse styles and ideas into a cohesive and thrilling experience. Each map offers a fresh challenge, showcasing the best of what Boom mapping has to offer. Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or new to the Community Chest projects, this installment promises hours of engaging gameplay and creative level design.

Dive into "Community Chest 3" and experience the collective genius of the Doom community, enhanced by Tormentor667's distinctive contributions.

Game Doom 2
Port Vanilla
Maps 1 (of 32)
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 1.0

Cacoward Winner 2007

I cannot put my finger on why, but I have a soft spot in my heart for megawads... as I believe most of the community does. A couple years ago I awarded a Cacoward to Community Chest 2 for its collection of 32 wonderful levels and awesome title screen. Two years later, and just in time for Doom's 14th birthday, we were graced with the third Community Chest installment. If the last two were any indication of quality, then Community Chest 3 should be a great megawad... and it does not disappoint.

Like any community collection, the maps are, obviously, very mixed and range from outstanding to decent. Many of the great maps come from an impressive roster of modern mappers... Rottking, Dutch Devil, Thomas van der Velden and many more. This time around, Community Chest mappers took more advantage of Boom special tags. You will see your usual display of scrolling dummy effects put to good use in this collection... not quite Lutz insanity, though. Be sure to check out all the levels - there are some real gems to be played in here. If you enjoy megawads (and we all do) then you really cannot go wrong with Community Chest 3.

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