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Demonic Uprising

HPack - the ZDoom Community Pack

"Demonic Uprising" is an exciting community megawad set in the captivating world of Heretic. This project brings together maps from various talented authors, each contributing to a rich and immersive experience. The storyline unfolds after the defeat of D'Sparil, plunging players into a new and challenging chapter of the Heretic saga.

This megawad is packed with innovative resources, many of which are debuting in this project. These new elements enhance the gameplay, offering fresh challenges and surprises for players to discover. The diverse range of maps ensures a varied experience, with each author bringing their unique style and creativity to the table.

"Demonic Uprising" stands out not only for its engaging narrative but also for its visual and gameplay enhancements. The new resources, from textures to gameplay mechanics, create a dynamic and fresh experience that both veterans and newcomers to Heretic will appreciate.

Embark on this journey and face the aftermath of D'Sparil's defeat. With its community-driven approach and abundance of new content, "Demonic Uprising" promises an unforgettable adventure in the Heretic universe.

Game Heretic
Port GZDoom 4.8.2+
Maps 40+
Type Single Player
Status 80%
Version tba

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