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Random Maps for ZDoom

"ZPack: Random Maps for ZDoom" is a testament to the creativity and collaboration of the ZDoom community. This extensive project features four complete episodes, each filled with random maps contributed by various talented mappers. As the organizer and leader of this endeavor, I personally contributed six maps, provided graphical assets, and introduced two new monsters that have since become part of the Beastiary.

Originally designed to showcase the diverse talents within the community, "ZPack" delivers a wide range of gameplay experiences, from intense action sequences to intricate puzzle-solving scenarios. The project encapsulates the spirit of community-driven creativity, bringing together a multitude of styles and ideas into a cohesive and engaging package.

In 2024, "ZPack" received a significant update, rejuvenating the original content to meet modern standards of mapping and design. This remaster enhances the graphics, refines the maps, and updates the gameplay mechanics, ensuring that the project remains relevant and enjoyable for contemporary players.

"ZPack: Random Maps for ZDoom" not only celebrates the collective effort of the community but also stands as a benchmark for future collaborative projects. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the Doom modding scene, this remastered collection offers a rich and varied experience that highlights the best of what the ZDoom community has to offer. Dive into "ZPack" and explore the incredible creativity and dedication that continue to drive the Doom modding community forward.

Game Doom 2
Port GZDoom 4.8.2+
Maps 28
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 2.0

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