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A Doom Platformer

Ever wondered what Doom would look like as a platform-style game, similar to Commander Keen? "Pogostick" brings that vision to life, transforming the iconic first-person shooter into a 2D sidescrolling platformer. This unique modification for ZDoom/GZDoom offers a fresh take on the Doom universe, complete with a range of innovative features designed to enhance gameplay and mapping.

"Pogostick" includes a robust "Score System" and "Bonus System," adding new layers of challenge and reward. The "Corner Camera Movement" and "Zoom Possibility" features provide a dynamic and immersive visual experience, making it feel like a true platformer while retaining the essence of Doom.

Although the project is still a work in progress, it invites the community to contribute and expand its world. The mod includes user-created maps, encouraging mappers to explore the new systems and create their own unique levels. A tutorial is provided in the zip file to help you get started with your contributions.

"Pogostick" isn't just a mod; it's a collaborative platform for creativity within the Doom community. Experience Doom in a whole new way and contribute to the evolution of this innovative project. Dive into "Pogostick" and discover the exciting possibilities of Doom as a platformer!

Game Doom 2
Port ZDoom 1.6+
Maps 2 + 2
Type Single Player
Status 15%
Version Alpha

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