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Orbital Research

"Sapphire: Orbital Research" transports players to a medium-sized map set on a futuristic space station. This facility, maintained by the Sapphire Corps, serves as a research center for engines powered by simulated black holes. The map is meticulously designed to create a believable and immersive atmosphere, leveraging the advanced features of GZDoom.

The map utilizes real skyboxes, inspired by Half-Life and Quake 3, to deliver stunning visuals and a sense of vastness beyond the confines of the station. Additionally, true color enhancements bring a level of detail and realism that enriches the overall experience.

As you navigate through the research facility, you'll encounter various challenges and puzzles that test your skills and wits. The attention to detail in the environment, combined with the innovative use of GZDoom's capabilities, ensures that "Sapphire: Orbital Research" offers a fresh and engaging experience for both veteran Doom players and newcomers alike.

Prepare to explore the depths of space and uncover the secrets of the Sapphire Corps' research facility. With its blend of cutting-edge technology and classic Doom gameplay, "Sapphire: Orbital Research" promises a unique and thrilling adventure.

Game Doom 2
Port GZDoom 4.8.2+
Maps 1
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 2.1

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