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Doom Launcher by hobomaster22 is a versatile frontend for Doom that acts as both a startup utility and a comprehensive database for your original Doom-engine games, custom WADs, PK3s, and related projects. Similar to D-Fend Reloaded for DOSBox, it offers impressive features for sorting, organizing, and managing your collection.

With its user-friendly interface, Doom Launcher supports multiple source ports and game versions, making it easy to manage and launch a wide range of mods and custom levels. Additional features include screenshot previews, rating systems, and detailed metadata management, enhancing your ability to curate and enjoy your Doom library efficiently.


  • Direct download and metadata update from /idgames (through API)
  • Add mods by drag and drop (ZIP including WAD/PK3/DEH/TXT)
  • Automatic scraping of title, author, release date and description from the included textfile
  • Importing screenshots directly from the sourceport into the database
  • Maintaining demos and savegames
  • Scans files for map lump names (e.g. E4M3, MAP20, STR20)
  • Add any sourceports to the database
  • Selecting specific files within a ZIP file
  • Tagging mods with custom unlimited colored tags
  • Shows play-statistics (killed monsters, collected items, play time)
  • Automatic daily database backups

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Doom Launcher

for Windows, requires .NET Framework, latest version at GitHub

For bug reports, feedback and support, simply use the official GitHub issues page.