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Knee-Deep in Zdoom

Relieve the Nightmare

The unforgettable experience of "Knee-Deep in the Dead" has become a cornerstone for many gamers. However, as time has passed, this iconic episode has lost some of its initial challenge. Enter "Knee-Deep in ZDoom," a modern interpretation of Id Software's groundbreaking episode, designed to rekindle the thrill of the original while introducing exciting new elements.

"Knee-Deep in ZDoom" leverages the advanced capabilities of Randy Heit's ZDoom port to expand and enhance the original episode. The team behind this project has meticulously crafted new areas, features, and gameplay devices that were not possible with the original Doom engine. These enhancements breathe new life into the classic maps, offering a fresh yet familiar experience.

Despite these innovations, "Knee-Deep in ZDoom" remains true to the atmosphere and essence of the original "Knee-Deep in the Dead." Players can expect to relive the fear, the nightmare, and the eerie ambiance of Phobos, all while exploring expanded environments and encountering new challenges.

This project is a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern gameplay, ensuring that both long-time fans and new players will find it engaging. Dive back into the world of "Knee-Deep in the Dead" with "Knee-Deep in ZDoom" and experience the terror and excitement anew. Relive the fear. Relive the nightmare. Relive Phobos.

Game Doom
Port GZDoom 1.2+
Maps 10
Type Single Player, Coop
Status 100%
Version 1.2

Cacoward Winner 2007

Every year I write the Cacowards, I invariably make decisions that people dislike. This year will be no different. However, I stand by my decisions, and those uncomfortable with them can write their own list. Ironically, the Cacowards are the one time of the year I try not to troll, so remove the hype, take away the bias, and I think you are left with a good wad. I, of course, refer to Knee Deep in ZDoom.

What started as a community effort to create a ZDoom rendition of Episode 1 turned into a massive undertaking... spending almost 3 years in development. Projects that spend a long time in limbo begin to develop either very high, or very low expectations... and KDiZD was no different. When it was released, the reviews reflected that division. If a friend, who was new to Doom, asked what maps were fun and showcased what was possible, I would certainly point to KDiZD as a suggestion. The maps are marginally based off the original maps, but you would be hard pressed to find any original architecture. Not only are the original maps revamped, there are countless new additions to each level that extend the gameplay. Stacked sectors, cameras, 3d bridges, dozens of new monsters, and scripted events showcase what has been added to the aging game to keep it fresh after 14 years. Many of the levels really are a sight to behold and showcase some very impressive effects, particularly the new additions. With so many Doomers and so many different tastes in gameplay, it is hard to accommodate everyone... but I believe KDiZD offers a decent experience. I will briefly mention that KDiZD could have been a much better experience. Forgetting hubris and drama... the team seems to have lost track of the project's scope along the way and created a monster they could not control. In the end, I still think it turned out to be OK, but mod makers take heed from KDiZD: focus your project and keep a level head... your project will be better served. Again, I stand my ground; Knee Deep in ZDoom is one of the 10 best wads released this year.

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