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Brutal Doom - It's worse than plague!

Brutal Doom sucks!The worst mod ever released is without any doubt and further discussion: Brutal Doom. Not that it's a random mix of feature overusage, blood and gameplay-flow-breaking fatalities but even worse, it's a pestilence that spreads totally uncontrolled. "BD Johnny Version", "Brutal Wolfenstein", "Brutal Doom SE", "Brutal Doom Voxelpatch", "Brutal Doom v19" and on and on and on. Sure, people don't have to play what they don't like so from a players' perspective everything is fine and it's just a matter of taste. What's definitely annoying from a modder's point of you are pms and e-mails like

  • "Plz update ur mod, it doesnt work with BD!"
  • "Can u add brutaldoom to ur wolfendoom mod?"
  • "Shuld add fatalities like in BD, ur gore looks unrealistic!"
    (all of these are real quotes!)

To bring this finally to an end here as well, none of the mods here will ever be updated, redesigned or edited to make them fully compatible with Brutal Doom. If you want compatibility, ask Sgt. Mark IV instead - Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Ultimate Torment & Torture or The City of the Damned 2 have been there before anyway. Next to that: No future mods will ever be compatible to Brutal Doom out of the box ever - ever! I don't like Brutal Doom, I don't like McDonalds, I don't like porn with children - I don't support things that I don't like.