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Torment & Torture : Classic Episode 1 Remastered

Do you remember "www.newdoom.com"? That classic Doom website that was launched prior to the release of Doom 3? Well, yes it's long time gone (and so is that third installation of our beloved classic). What makes me remember that website though is the Wad in a Week contest that was held back in December of 2000 when I created my submission and won a Doom shirt... and it started it all for me somehow as it was the very first step towards greater mapping. Oh - and it was the first episode of my Torment & Torture series. In case you haven't played it yet, you now have the chance to take a closer look at the classic episode with some additional twists - not as in the UTNT variant, but a more cleaner style, but with some quality-of-life-improvements:

  • Added a new statusbar (base by NightFright)
  • Added widescreen graphics (incl. additional ones)
  • Added a new palette
  • Added dynamic lights (removed sector light effects)
  • Added special effects (volumetric light, fire particles)
  • Added brightmaps and gl-lights
  • Added gore effects (Nashgore)
  • Added hires sound effects
  • Added low-health effect
  • Added boss cast
  • Fixed various obivous things (aesthetics)
  • Improved language
  • Improved colors for messages and statusbar graphics

As you might see, it's not much, but it should make up for a reason to replay this historical map - historical at least for me. Enjoy the remaster and look forward to some more to come. Thanks to Ozymandias81 and Salahmander2, without you, this release would not have been possible at all.