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Torment & Torture : Classic Episode 3 Remastered

With Torment & Torture 3, I was quite faster considering the build time. In about 4 months, I was able to finish The Fortress of Damnation, with a total of two maps and a lot of twists that heaven't been seen in a Doom map yet, for example four totally new monsters and a new weapon without overwriting existing assets. What was that ZDoom-sorcery? This was planned to be the final installment in the Torment & Torture series, and well, I lied as we all know. As for the other two remaster, Torment & Torture 3 Classic Remaster features some quality-of-life-improvements but is a purer experience compared to TUTNT - so what's in there?

  • Added a new statusbar (base by NightFright)
  • Added widescreen graphics (incl. additional ones)
  • Added a new palette
  • Added dynamic lights (removed sector light effects)
  • Added special effects (volumetric light, fire particles)
  • Added brightmaps and gl-lights
  • Added gore effects (Nashgore)
  • Added hires sound effects
  • Added low-health effect
  • Added boss cast
  • Fixed various obivous things (aesthetics)
  • Improved language
  • Improved colors for messages and statusbar graphics

As you might see, it's not much, but it should make up for a reason to replay this historical map - historical at least for me. Enjoy the remaster and look forward to some more to come. Thanks to Ozymandias81 and Salahmander2, without you, this release would not have been possible at all.