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Mapping Art - Great Conception

CHAPTER 2 : The Art of Great Conception
So, after fighting your way through the first chapter of my mapping article that dealt with tricks and ideas how to achieve a good level of detail, it's now up to me to take on the most important thing concerning mapping: The Conception of your map, which later can turn into an unforgettable atmosphere if done right.

Honestly, your map can have more than 5000 sectors and still that's no guarantee for success, believe me (and some doomers won't trust their eyes, that I am actually writing this, but it's true ;)). A real good map is just as good as the idea behind it but as we all know after the 38974th UAC Bases and Dungeon Caves, it's not always that simple! What you get here are several tricks to get a good idea, a memorable map and beyond some guidelines to set up a atmosphere that the player really can feel...